Kate Speer

Kate Speer is the CEO of The Dogist, a renowned mental health advocate and the teammate of Waffle, her psychiatric service dog. A skilled writer, speaker and marketing professional, Kate specializes in digital storytelling, social media marketing and social impact e-commerce. Kate is determined to use business for good and currently spearheads the team at The Dogist as they scale into a full e-commerce business and media site. In addition to her work at The Dogist, she speaks and writes about mental health and her past experiences with an 8 year, psychosis-inducing misdiagnosis. Kate currently splits time between New York City and her home in Vermont with her husband, Dave. When she is not nerding out about all things Dogist or writing for the sake of a better mental health care system, she can be found adventuring outside with Dave, Waffle, her camera and a large thermos of coffee.


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