Kate Speer

Hi, I’m Kate Speer.

I am a grateful human and past that, I am very much in the middle of still figuring out what being me, means.

But, this is supposed to be my bio that will inform you about who “Kate is” so without further ado, let me throw together a brief list of the many truths of me that will might help you understand me:

I am a storyteller, dog mom, dork, wife, daughter, sister, friend, mental health warrior, bad cook, advocate, speaker, sensational sleeper, writer, feminist, micro-adventurer, athlete, design junkie, proud work in progress and the CEO of The Dogist.

I was born and raised in Norwich, Vermont and have been a wild child since the beginning. Unlike most with anxiety, my illness presents with loud and dynamic behavior. As a result of this one fact, I was misunderstood my entire childhood and landed a misdiagnosis of Bipolar Disorder at age 18 after my first semester at Middlebury College. This misdiagnosis lasted for 9 years and the results of it were profound - medication induced mood lability, hallucinations, suicidality and self harming. That near decade is a blur that I am still very much processing.

After doctors told me I needed to be institutionalized for the rest of my life due to my suicidal tendencies and agoraphobic ways, I pleaded with my parents to help. Using their healthcare connections, they got me one appointment with a renowned cognitive behavioral therapist. Unlike all other doctors who had refused to take me on due to the liability of my suicidal tendencies, he did and he changed my entire life by teaching me exposure therapy.

Using this practice, I rebuilt my entire life:

I am now married, the CEO of The Dogist, the proud mom/teammate to my psychiatric service dog Waffle, and determined to show up in my truth always so that people don’t feel as alone and hopeless as I once did.

I will never presume to know you or understand your fight. I just know everyone has a fight and I believe wholeheartedly in us both.