Kate Speer_Headshot.JPG

Doctors said I would need to spend my life in a ward in order to survive.

I am proving them spectacularly wrong.

Hi, I’m Kate.

This is my little home on the internet. Welcome.

Right now, I hang out on instagram with my service dog wafflenugget but hopefully, with time, this little space is where all that I write will reside.

Things to know about me:

Radical transparency is my jam. (So no, I don’t believe in oversharing.)

Dogs are my people.

I believe that all humans are spectacular and if we - together - can show up in both our pain and our joy, we will build a world where all belong.

I love to dance and I’m not good at it and I don’t care.

Lastly, regardless of if you stay and read for a while or not, thank you for being here with me in this moment. After being told I needed to spend my life in a psychiatric ward to survive seven years ago, it is truly an honor to be seen in my freedom right now, if only for just a minute.

With gratitude and dork,