Got outside with my girl today. We played around with the new camera my business partner gave me.

When I first got into photography in college, it was out of necessity. My memory had been shattered by shock therapy and it was the only way to record my days. I used to capture everything I did on the memory card and then upload the images into a digital journal that would re-build my understanding of my life the following day after my memory reset.

I half jokingly named my camera back then ‘sanity.’ I just loved saying things like, “I’ve got to grab my sanity.” Or “as long as I bring my sanity, I’ll be fine.” 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ I don’t think anyone thought it was funny except me but I love that I could laugh even back then, at such a time of darkness.

Seven years ago, my doctor had me give up my obsessive photography habit so that my memory could heal. Memory is a muscle and my photography kept that muscle from growing. It was terrifying to give it up but, in time, my brain started recovering.

Two years ago, my memory had healed so extensively that my doctors said I could explore photography again without impairing my progress. I was hesitant at first but Waffle made that a fun project. Recently, with my rad team’s support and this new spectacular camera, I’ve started playing around more.

So much has changed. Not only is this camera FAR more intelligent than my 15 old Nikon D40x was but I am also no longer photographing out of necessity.

I’m photographing for fun. It’s no longer a lifeline.

Today I got 1 great shot out of 322. This one has soft focus but I’m sharing it anyway because - Joy, that’s why. What an honor to know joy again.

Kate Fisher