Have a Great Friday


As chill as the ice cream I'm about to eat before my 8pm bedtime 🙃👵😂But for real, bedtime is about to happen over here at the Waffle House and I am psyched for the reset of a good nights sleep. 

I used to think to have a "great Friday," it had to be an adventure or a party or some elaborate date. I used to need a story, a night to remember, or an extreme factor of sorts to ever feel okay about it.

Oh how times have changed!!! Ha! I have finally come to see that a hug from Dave, a snug from Waffy, a spoonful of ice cream and a bowl of maple popcorn is MY VERSION of a great Friday night. •

It lets me be me. It keeps me being me and above all, It preserves my progress of making it through the week without spiraling me into a self loathing pit of exhaustion.

I know some people are driving to the beach right now while others have already summited a mountain for sunset. I know others are getting dressed up for a night on the town while many are making a summer dinner for friends on the porch. I know the weekend warriors are warrioring. I know that is totally awesome. 

I also know that I'm going to bed shortly and that is totally awesome too.

Let us celebrate that we are all different and that's rad.

Yes, Tonight, whatever you do, may you know it is awesome, 
May you know it is acceptable
and above all, 
May you know it is enough - just like you.

With popcorn crunches and snuggles from my comforter cocoon.

Kate Fisherself-care