How did I set myself free?


10 years ago to the day. Me at McLean Psychiatric Hospital after learning that if I worked on myself and faced my fear instead of fleeing it, I could set myself free.

Looking at that smile now, I see the unapologetic growth enthusiast I am today. Do you see her? That little touch of mischief in her eyes. That hint of hope in her smile. She knows that she can forge her own path. She knows that success is work not the result of it.

I get a lot of messages - hundreds daily, in fact asking me how I did it - how I do it.

Kate, doctors said you would only survive in a ward. How did you set yourself free?

The answer will be different for everyone but these are the truths I know deep in my soul that apply to everyone:

Freedom lies in the feeling of pain and the facing of fear.

Freedom lies in the work - the tiny steps we take daily - towards doing what is hard.

Freedom lies in beginning, in taking that first step forward into pure-gut wrenching uncertainty.

Freedom lies inside YOU and YOUR actions not in anyone or anything else.

Take whatever it is you need from these today and know, your magic is waiting and it likely lies in the mess of pain you have been hell bent on avoiding for all these years.

Kate Fisher