My People


There will be people that feel like sunshine. There won’t be many of them in your life but they will come. And when they do, they will warm your whole entire heart, even the broken pieces. They will make space for every single inch of you with an acceptance that you never even knew existed.

These people - those who never make you doubt your soul and teach you to laugh til you ache, especially at the shittiest of things - they are your one in a million. When you find them, hold on tight - yes, so very tight and never ever stop fighting for them.

These are two of my people.

I never thought I’d have people, nevertheless two half as amazing as these gorgeous humans. Honestly, the only thing I thought I’d have was a death by suicide before I was 30. The doctors said it. The specialists said it. My family’s faces said it.

But today, we rode bikes and savored sunshine. We laughed at nothing and all got hangry at the exact same time. We went for ice cream and paid with quarters and, it was perfect. It was joy. It was everything I never even dreamed of.

I know I don’t know you - beautiful soul behind the screen. I would never presume to know you.

And yet, I still do know this:

It doesn’t always work out 
but if you do the scariest thing of all - if you try with your whole fierce and stunning soul to fight for your purpose, your place and your people, it just might.

With love and dork and one hella deep belief in your fight,
Kate Speer

Kate Fisher