From Being on Disability Insurance to Managing Policy


What you do matters. I spent 7 hours & 12 minutes on the phone with insurance today. Over the last week, I’ve actually spent over 26 hours trying to pdate & standardize our policy. It’s been quite frustrating as @isabelklee can attest but it also reminded me how grateful I am to be alive & well today.

When I was on disability four years ago, I never imagined having to navigate a disability insurance policy myself. I never even thought of the intricacy and cost associated with it, as a matter of fact. All I thought about was how I was going to survive - how I was going to make it to the next day.

So so much has changed since then & today, as I talked with an insurance broker, I found myself in tears.

The kind woman on the other end of the line made space for it.

“It’s okay sweetie. I know it’s very complicated. Most people wish these policies didn’t even exist in the first place.”

“Oh gosh no - not at all. It sure is complicated but that’s not why I’m crying.”

“Oh. Well, what is it then? If you care to share, of course.”

“Well, it’s just that I’m free now. I’m well now. I support myself now. I used to survive only because of a policy like this & now I’m here in charge of one. It’s a lot to process.”

“Oh wow, that really is something.”

A moment of silence passed before we dove back into tax law & disability terms & how to organize our policies under one branch of the organization instead of in three different departments.

When we finally got it all sorted & my certificates of insurance were safely downloaded to my hard drive, I thanked the woman profusely & celebrated with glee.

“Oh my goodness, we did it!!! Thank you so so much for helping me. Truly!”

She laughed & then paused.

“Actually, I want to say - thank you. I’ve been a broker for 27 years & I’ve never spoken with anyone who has been on disability & now manages a policy. It is a gift to finally know my work matters.”

Tears again fell down my face.

“It matters more than you’ll ever know.”

She hung up before I got her name but I just want to say, whoever you are, THANK YOU.

And to everyone who helps when a human is in pain, IT MATTERS & I THANK YOU SO SINCERELY for it.

Kate Fisher