Health is a Value


We get to choose our value system. Health is one of my values. 

It is not my worth. 
It is not your worth. 
It is not who I am. 
It is not who you are. 
But, this year, I am no longer going to pretend it is not one of my values.

Before you give up on me as a mental health advocate, please keep reading.


What I am saying here is that it is time we treat it that way.

For years, I’ve seen mental health advocates hate on this concept of health as a goal because it doesn’t make space for self-love and illness to coexist. I’ve also seen a lot advocates hate on health because they assume is health is thinness. Neither are true.

Health is the wellness of our entire biology - our mind, body and soul.

It is okay - wonderful even - to value that. AND, it is possible to value that, value the growth that you do to fight for it and love yourself without it.

It is time to bring the conversation into the next chapter - the chapter of inclusion - the chapter of celebrating the fight for health that includes mental illness AND our bodies. They are a unit that need to work together and starting today, I’m excited to share with you my quest of making that RAD MIRACLE OF BIOLOGY - ALL OF IT - WELL.

Do I know exactly how I’m going to talk about or do this? Nope.

Am I going to become a fitspo/ thinspo page? FOOK NO.

Am I going to be more inclusive in what I share here? Yup - welcome nature, nutrition, waffle, exercise, friends, family and therapy to this page.

Am I shaking in terror that this acceptance of making space for health as a value is going to throw me back to the eating disorder hell of my past and lose your interest in learning from me as a result? You betcha.

But I’m showing up. As me. Which is the most beautiful thing I can be.

So yeah, happy Tuesday! These are my lunch break thoughts and I’m excited to see where they take me. I’m hopeful you can make enough space for me to fall on my face, mess up, fook up and grow as I take on this new work but I also understand if this isn’t your jam.

Regardless, I send a massive hug.

With love and gratitude,

Kate Fisherbody