Holistic Approach


It is time to feel well and use a holistic approach to do so.

Living with mental illness is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. There are also an incredible number of tools and habits I’ve developed over the last 17 years that help me daily.

I believe it is time for both society and this online community to recognize the importance of a holistic approach in managing mental illness. Of course, addressing this approach, especially with regards to individuals who live with eating disorders, comes with great challenges. So, before I share more, allow me say this:

1. My approach is NOT about manipulating, shrinking or addressing the aesthetic presentation of my body.

2. My approach is NOT and will never be about losing weight.

3. My approach is about using the 17 years I suffered to teach mental illness warriors how to use holistic approaches to set themselves up for success and actual wellness.

4. My approach will look different for everybody so nip that urge to compare yourself to me or others in the bootay right now.

5. I will do my absolute best to be body accepting and positive in all of this. And, that is not the point of the work I’m about to do. For body positivity and fat positivity, please look to other accounts for knowledge and inspiration.

6. I am here for mental illness warriors. We are 1 in 5 and it’s GD time that we celebrate allllll the tools we have to survive this fight and do so together.

7. I’m so glad to have you here and if this isn’t your jam, please unfollow me! YOU COME FIRST. YES, YOU.

And that’s it for now.
I’m psyched to start caring for my mind in even better ways and I could not be more thrilled to slay some mental illness with you, my fellow warriors!

Love and dork and wishes for a day that feeds your soul,

Kate Fisher