Rest is a Beautiful Thing


I don’t feel like a superhero tonight. I don’t feel like much of anything actually - just a puddle of exhaustion - as I lie beside the AC sprawled out upon the cold wood floor. I learned something about my past today that has turned my world upside down for a moment. That is alright. I’m always here for world changing and I - as always - will be better for it.

I am always better for it.
Whatever it is.
That is how I live.
Growing through and never running from.

But right now, as I lean in to the mess and silent tears stream down my cheeks, I feel overwhelmed with uncertainty and downright exhausted.

Of course, that is also okay. Being tired is always okay. Tired is the result of fight - the result of work - the result of warriorhood.

So tonight, I remind myself and you that rest is a beautiful thing and a thing that we are all worthy of. 

I remind myself and you that feeling is healing. 
I remind myself and you that we - when we live through and not flee away from pain - we grow and are always better for it.

Wherever you are tonight, hold those truths close. And if you, like me, have already taken a two hour nap and are now off to bed again at 9:30 - rock on. Well, snooze on, I guess.

Either way, wherever you’re at and whenever you get there, from my bed to yours, sweet dreams.

Kate Speer.
Wise words by the ever inspiring @glennondoyle

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