What is this Teaching Me?


At the end of each day, I write three lists - a list of things that happened, a list of emotional reactions to those things and then a third list of reframes about what each of those things taught me.

Here, I’ll show you a few and then it’ll be your turn to try.

Thing 1: I burst into tears with my business partner on the phone.

Emotional Reaction 1: I am a loser and will never be a good businesswoman.

Reframe 1: Caring is powerful and a wonderful thing and in time, hopefully, I will be able to express myself less emotionally so my thoughts can be heard instead of my emotions.

Thing 2: I lay down at lunch in the grass instead of going for my typical waffle walk.

Emotional Reaction 2: I am failing Waffle and myself by breaking our routine.

Reframe 2: I am tired and sometimes, it’s okay to change the plan if need be:

Thing 3: I cancelled on my best friend because I was exhausted.

Emotional Reaction 3: I am the worst and such a flake.

Reframe 3: Being tired happens and when my PTSD acts up, I have a lower bandwidth and need to learn to schedule less.

That’s it! If you’d like, give it a try 👇. I find it incredibly helpful and oddly soothing as it makes everything I’ve been through a way to grow forward intentionally.

Okey, that’s it from me tonight.

Love to all of you, fellow warriors!
Kate Speer

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Kate Fisher