Who You Work with Matters More than Your Job


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I remember hearing stories about how work community changes lives. I actually studied it at my first job back when I was working in academia and studying supported employment.

Each interview and questionnaire and survey we ran showcased the same results.

The people you work with matter more than the job you do.

Again and again, the results would show this.

Meaning lies in the people we surround ourselves with.

I’ve had a number of different jobs but in none prior did I find community.
I found growth. I found knowledge. I found incredible skill sets. I also found myself determined to prove that fact that people are the determinant of wellness wrong.

Every time I realized a job would not offer community, I would flip this switch: “I will prove the data wrong in this job. I will learn so much, grow so quickly, become so skilled that community will be irrelevant.”

What ego and naïveté.

When @eliaswf came to Vermont over a year and a half ago and hopped in the car, this conversation ensued,

“You made it north!”

“Yup, last bus out of the city.”

“Can I just say, to be here with me, you must really like weird people.”

“Yup, that and dogs. I collect them. It’s where all the good stories are.”

That day, without even knowing it, I found my community and now I know, you can’t beat the data and you don’t want to.

It’s about the people. And the dogs too - they more than count, after all.

Thanks, e and @isabelklee. You make each day one hell of a hilarious gift and I could not be more grateful.

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